Notes from the Banquet

I thought things went well last night. The setting, again, was excellent. Linda Williams choice of the Three Square banquet facility and the menu to go with it was perfect. (I hope you took note of the fact that she included a vegetarian lasagna this time.) Tim and Brenda and Ryan did a great job putting the program together. I was happy to part of things. 

I always feel some frustration when so few show up for this annual affair (75, or so, seems like a small percentage of members), but I’m not sure what can be done about it. Mid June is a bad time for gatherings, what with school vacations just starting any many with school-age children taking advantage of that. 

That said, I was happy to see so many smiling faces when the scholarship checks were handed out. This was an amazing group of winners this year. All were deserving and more than twice as many recipients as last year. Ryan, our Treasurer, jokingly despaired at depleting the clubs balance, but I feel the opposite. We’re enriching our legacy by “paying forward” to our young people. I look at the list of scholarship winners from 2000 to 2016—we passed the 100 mark this year—and that makes me smile too. 

There was certainly nostalgia aplenty when Brenda and Ryan read their ode to Tim, our outgoing President. It’s hard to fathom how the club will be able to fill his shoes as far as everyday club tasks. Fortunately, Tim says he will still be around to help put on races, etc. Let us hope so.  

But a fresh start does seem in order. Not just the declining membership but the paucity of LVTC running events we manage to put out there. The cancellation of this year’s Notch Run is another canary in the coal mine, and the low numbers that show up when we do stage a low-key run —the race in Henderson on the morning of the banquet is the latest example—speaks loudly. Yes, Jared, as the incoming President you have your work cut out for you. 

One final thought. Gerry Morgan was a great choice for the latest Iron Camel. I just hope next year’s Awards Committee takes into consideration the other two nominees this year when it comes to choosing next year’s recipient.