Summer Series

Races on the track, sponsored by the Las Vegas Track Club, go back to the 1970’s when the track at UNLV was open to the public. Before the early 90’s the only tracks in the Las Vegas valley with an artificial surface were at UNLV, Eldorado High School, and what was then Clark County Community College in NLV

In 2010, the same year that the Championship Series was inaugurated, we restarted the STS. It consisted of six events—three at Durango HS and three at Green Valley HS—two weeks apart in June, July, and August. Events were held on a Tuesday night, starting at 7 p.m. and distances varied from a 400 meter run to a 5000 (16 ½ laps). One of the key features of the STS was its informality. Races were free—just sign up and run. We recorded times and posted them on our web site. The club provided water and cups. That was it.

This year, our eighth season since the restart, we’re back to UNLV for all our events. Same format and goodies as per the previous paragraph.  As we did in 2016, we’re alternating between Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings for of our races. We’ll do one a month on Tuesdays and one a month on Saturday mornings early, (6:30 start time). This way we beat the heat and get folks out of there in time to do other things on Saturday morning.

Races are still free but our donation jar will be there for those who wish to say “Thank you, “ with all donations going to our Scholarship Fund. Races will be on alternate Tuesday’s and Saturday’s starting Saturday, June 10th. Signups start at around 6:30 p.m. with a first “gun time” of 7:00 on Tuesday and 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, with a start time of 6:30.  Here is the latest schedule.